Goal review (16-23 March)

I was moderately successful with the first week of mini-goals! I didn’t do them all, which is a bit disappointing, but I also have to remember everything else I’ve done in this week that didn’t appear in the list. I was particularly proud this week of managing to get out to the cinema with my sister, and then the next day, my guilt was eating away at me enough to sort out the bookshelf, because it was in my goal list!

1. Sort out my bookshelf of “permanent books” and put the unwanted ones in the donate pile; move the temporary books to this shelf, and replace temporary bookshelves with my yarn boxes.
I took all the “permanent books” away to be taken to charity; I don’t like to keep many books at all now because I’m not much of a re-reader – because I have far too many on my to-read list! We also put all of my sister’s classics (ancient Greek and Latin texts) separately so it’s more organized, and our multilingual Harry Potter collection more separately. Some books I will read once more and then donate, such as the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles that I own – I would donate them now but I want to re-read the first ones before continuing with the series. There wasn’t as much space as I had anticipated, so I couldn’t move too many “to-read” books, but I moved enough to clear a small shelf for one yarn box, as planned.

2. Prepare one bag of laundry for the launderette.
I filled half a bag with black clothes only, although technically I’m sure this was before last Sunday. 😛 We are so overrun with dirty laundry, it’s astonishing, so we plan to move it all into another room to properly organize it for washing. It’s so ridiculous but combining the winter and me not being able to do a lot has made it spiral out of control. I am very much hoping to have made a lot of progress by my appointment with my occupational therapist, as I won’t be able to stand telling her it’s still a problem!

3. Work on my novel.
I didn’t write much, maybe a page’s worth in my notebook; I don’t know how many words yet as I write longhand and then type up, and as I haven’t typed it yet, I haven’t counted. Anyway, the word count isn’t the important bit for this goal! I’m getting close to the end of this novel, my second.

4. Work on at least four of my translations.
The week before I made this goal, I was mainly focusing on my Russian translation, and so this week was a nice variety due to this goal. I worked on the Russian, but also Italian, Spanish, and Dutch.

5. Complete my core physiotherapy at least three days. (10 stretches)
Considering I went from not having much physio at all for months, I thought I didn’t do too badly by only doing my core work once this week. Although gentle and low-energy for most people, these stretches are painful and exhausting for me. I was at the point before of doing them most days, and I want to work back up slowly to this again, before phasing in some of my other stretches, such as hip strengthening. I did less than intended, but I still managed once on top of being quite active by getting out this week, so I’m not too disappointed!

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