Colonoscopy prep., part 1

I was going to say “here comes the TMI train” but I already resolved that there’s no such concept as TMI on this blog! Plus, the real “TMI” is reserved for the next blog post when the purgative kicks in, haha!

So my colonoscopy is tomorrow, and on top of the prep day that involves taking the purgative/laxative and going on a liquid diet, I added in an extra day of the liquid diet because my guts move so slowly; when I had a gastroenteroscopy years back before my lupus diagnosis, they refused to believe that I had stopped eating when I was told to as there was still food in my stomach. This is the second day, so I’m currently waiting for the purgative to take effect.

At least today I’ll have a massive distraction from the hunger! I get angry when I can’t eat, haha, (I get “hangry”!) so all day yesterday I’ve been despairing, especially when my sister was eating, or when she called me from work asking if I wanted lunch brought it! I simply wailed “I CAN’T EAAAATTT!” My six-year-old niece was also very cruel, waving a chocolate bar in my face and being very amused by the thoughts of cameras going up my butt!

I’m already sick of chicken noodle soup (without noodles, of course!), jelly, and pear drops (especially because I can’t eat the red colored ones due to the coloring!). The hypoglycemia has been the hardest thing to cope with, particularly as I had a bad tachycardic attack the day before with some fluttering, so it has all contributed basically to me feeling very nauseous all day. By the end of the day when my stomach wasn’t rumbling so often, I actually felt that it hadn’t been too hard to do; at least I could eat at all, and I thought if I could survive at least a week on hospital food, I’d be fine for another day. Frustratingly, I haven’t really been able to sleep off the hunger, as today I had to be up at 8am to take the purgative (it’s 8.45 now) and tomorrow, although the appointment is at 3pm, I have to go to the hospital earlier in the day to see my occupational therapist!

It occurred to me fairly recently that although I’ve had gut issues for a long time with the lupus, I wonder if the recent issues have had any cause from my abdominal surgeries in October; the first surgery was planned, but the wound opened up when I went home, and after a few days had widened enough so that my bowel was coming out, so I went back in for emergency surgery. They examined the exposed bowel, but luckily I didn’t need any removed, which I was relieved to find out when I came round! I don’t really think it has anything to do with it, but of course I’ll mention it tomorrow.

I’ll probably check in when this purgative kicks in, wailing, haha. I’m nervous because most people I’ve spoken to say it’s worse than an enema. Saying that, going to the toilet can be enough of an event for me without any extra ingredients, so we’ll see! In any case, it’ll be worth it, even if nothing is identified. It never hurts to have the bowel checked out! I simply can’t wait until around 6pm tomorrow when it’s all over and I can stuff my face!

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