Colonoscopy prep., part 2

(Somewhat TMI!)

To be honest, this isn’t much of a part 2, as the purgative has not been as bad as people had me think! Personally I thought having an enema was a lot worse, but then this was after a week of not going to the toilet and after two surgeries, and my bowel had come through the wound, as I mentioned in the last post. Anyway, while it has been generally unpleasant, I’ve had bathroom trips nearly as bad without purgatives, with my IBS, haha. The biggest surprise is that I haven’t been doubled over with cramps like with the enema; mainly it’s just been the churning feeling and a bit of nipping, but not anything near the cramps I suffer anyway. A few people on my support group said it’d be like Niagara Falls, and indeed it’s been somewhat like peeing from the backside, haha! So really it hasn’t been too bad, and still the hunger has been the tough part to deal with (especially as I have to smell everyone’s food cooking and my niece is still teasing me!). I’m counting down to 6pm tomorrow as the likely latest time I can eat (26.5 hours!), and I can’t wait to stuff my face! Fingers crossed now that the results are good.

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