Goal review (30 March – 5 April)

Wow, nothing much happened for me this week. However, I did go out on Wednesday (woohoo!) and wore myself out for the next few days; I was at the dentist, and so took the opportunity to drop books off at the library and did a bit of volunteering as I’ve only been to each store once this year. This meant I wasn’t amazingly productive for the few days after that, and certainly not yesterday as I was dealing with the hunger of a liquid diet. So most of these were not achieved!

1. Work on planning more explicitly for any of my forthcoming novel projects.
If I remove “explicitly” then sure! But the point was to commit more to paper, which I didn’t get around to doing unfortunately. At least things still percolate around my head; that’s still some level of progress!

2. Transfer miscellaneous bags of yarn to the new box my sister bought me.
Not much to say here; it didn’t happen!

3. Work on finishing the Family vocabulary sheets for my folder.
The only ones I had left were to finish the Swedish sheet and write the Finnish one; I did neither! But I did do some translation on Lyricstranslate.com which I haven’t done for a while, including a German–>Swedish and an English–>Finnish so at least I did something of those languages.

4. Phone the library about a job opportunity (I need to confirm if it’s closed) and pick up an application for a local supermarket.
I didn’t call the library, but I asked while I was in there and the woman I spoke to thought yes, it was closed, as they were interviewing that week. I haven’t been to the supermarket yet, but Mum and my twin forgot to pick up a form when they were there, so I’m thinking that one’s closed too!

5. Work on any translation project.
I worked on Italian a little early in the week, but lately was focusing my translation less on my book projects and more on lyrics.

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