Goal review (6 – 12 April)

Already it’s another Sunday! I try not to find myself discouraged, even though I still haven’t had a week where I easily managed all the goals. I’ve also had to pull back the fitness plan to a “Stage 0” as I mentioned last time, so it’d be easy for me to think this is never going to work! But giving up and going to square one would be worse than the little bit I’m managing, even if it isn’t as much as I’d hoped. I have to learn that although, yes, I am stubborn, I can’t make things happen just by wanting them to – I have to let my body catch up. 🙂 I always believed in the “little and often” approach!

1. Translate from/to a new combination of languages for lyrics. (Because I am learning so many languages, there is a possible 156 combinations! I’ve done at least one translation in 27 of them, though I don’t think I’ll be doing something like Finnish–>Slovenian any time soon!)
Happily I did this even though I had used up most of the “easier” combinations! I did an English to Dutch text, and also a Russian to Finnish for new combinations; on top of that I did some others, such as Italian to English, German to Russian, German to English. I do translate books as well, but having a set of lyrics to translate is also good for various reasons; being able to finish quickly and get feedback online from native speakers; to sometimes discover new music; and to feel good in helping people with their requests.

2. Work on my novel.
I didn’t do much, but I did it! I always freeze up toward the end of my novels, for some reason. I think I’m just afraid to let my beloveds go! I’m just over 170,000 words at the moment, and should finish up at the most in the next 30K, and more probably closer to 15K. My first novel needs a lot of work to finalize it, as I started at 18 or 19, but this one I’m almost 100% happy with the way it is. It’s so important to me.

3. Write some entries to Lang 8 in my languages.
I wrote a little blurb mainly about family, and chickening out somewhat, I posted it first in German with few issues before finding the courage to post it in Italian. Hopefully in the next week or so I can work through the other languages for this piece. I sometimes wonder why I learn so many, thinking how good would I be if I just focused on a few! I sacrificed French when I was learning German, with the result of being reasonably fluent only in one foreign language, but I can’t bring myself to abandon some for others; I have to force myself not to take on new ones as it is!

4. Work on gesture drawings on Quickposes.com
I didn’t get round to this as I just never felt like drawing. I don’t really get round to drawing very often, least of all because it’s physically exhausting after filling in large areas of tone and so on! I bought watercolor pencils recently so I’m hoping soon to venture into color. Again, I would love in a way to devote myself to art and become more proficient, but as it stands, it’s just a side hobby. 🙂

5. Choose a recipe to try and buy in ingredients.
This is another I didn’t go, mainly because I never got to a store this week! My sister has recipes collected though, and she will buy in some ingredients when she goes shopping. I’m probably going to choose a nice dessert too, even if it’s just more sponge cakes!

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