This week’s bite-size goals (13 – 19 April)

1. Complete and actually make a record of each part of “Stage 0” of my fitness plan, i.e. walking to and from the nearby shop each second day, completing one set of my core physio every day, and volunteer once a week. (In the run-up so far, I’ve just been doing as much as I can, but not necessarily taking a record.)

2. Work on my novel – I have to get this one in every week, haha!

3. Make the phone calls I need to, i.e. register for PIP (disability benefit) application, make an appointment at the optician’s, and cancel this “free trial” thing for my mum before they take a payment!

4. Finish and hand in job applications for part-time jobs. (I’ll post about it separately.)

5. Work on any translation project.

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