Goal review (13 – 19 April)

This is technically a day late as I didn’t really do much on the computer yesterday; in fact for a while I’ve only really switched on to listen to music and access my translation projects. I have felt rather “meh” for a while about interacting with the online world, so I’m still on a sort of break, just concentrating on my hobbies for the moment, and I’m sure I’ll get back on checking Twitter etc. in time, as usually happens eventually. The tendinitis in my right hand is flaring up anyway, making typing rather annoying just now!

1. Complete and actually make a record of each part of “Stage 0″ of my fitness plan, i.e. walking to and from the nearby shop each second day, completing one set of my core physio every day, and volunteer once a week. (In the run-up so far, I’ve just been doing as much as I can, but not necessarily taking a record.)
I did well in the first half of the week, when I did my walks, kept up to date on my pills, and went volunteering; alas, the day volunteering on Wednesday was strenuous enough that I’m still recovering! I’m hoping tomorrow to get a walk in before volunteering again on the Wednesday, on which I also have the dentist. Progress is slower than I hoped, and it doesn’t help that the occupational therapist has moved my appointment forward by a few weeks; in any case, I’m just trying to keep it up as much as I can, trying to remember that it’s not just a means to some end goal, but to remember that any level of fitness I can achieve is an improvement to my life.

2. Work on my novel – I have to get this one in every week, haha!
I didn’t get much done, but it was something! More time was spent on reading to confirm details for an upcoming scene.

3. Make the phone calls I need to, i.e. register for PIP (disability benefit) application, make an appointment at the optician’s, and cancel this “free trial” thing for my mum before they take a payment!
I made the phone call to cancel the free trial – although it was meant to be a local UK number, I seem to have reached a women in the US so we’re not looking forward to the next phone bill! I went in person to make the optician’s appointment, and still didn’t register for PIP yet.

4. Finish and hand in job applications for part-time jobs. (I’ll post about it separately.)
My sister handed in the applications today – and she herself got a phone call for interview merely half an hour later! I’m still hoping to hear back myself but will keep a look out for other low hour jobs.

5. Work on any translation project.
I really went for it a few days ago and did 1500 words of Russian in one day as I was approaching the end of the short story I was working on, one of the longest in the book. I also did a bit of Polish which is a lot slower going!

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