Happy Easter — general update

As I mentioned in the goal review, I’ve been more or less not in too social a mood! 🙂 I haven’t really been checking FB, Twitter, or anything like that. I fairly regularly get to a point like this where even socializing online feels too much for me for a while. I’ve been spending my time mostly reading and working on languages. I’ve been happy to get out when I can, but using my sticks so often means my wrists and elbows in particular are getting worse, so I’m feeling like I can’t much win right now!

I have decided to apply for the degrees starting in 2015 to give myself time to sort everything out. In the meantime I hope to find a small job to get more used to getting out and about, and hopefully I can keep up the volunteering. I haven’t really decided what I want to do with my life yet, but I’m not worried too much about it just now; I do want to work in anatomy/clinical setting in some capacity, even if it’s just a small lab job. Perhaps translation is in my future (right now I don’t feel confident to take money for my work at all!). I do hope to publish my novels, but I know it’s not easy to reach the success where one can live off novels full-time! (Same goes for music, which I’m nowhere near in a position to put anything out anyway.) Maybe a mix of all these. I do some odd jobs on Fiverr, mainly transcribing and proofing, and I’m hoping to add e-book building to it soon; some people do manage to make their money full-time on it. I’m trying to remember too that life is not all about striving to an end goal; I’m trying to enjoy the ride even now and try not to worry too much about it, while keeping options open and having plans at least in a next couple of stages.

Happy Easter – unfortunately we didn’t do our family tradition of egg-rolling this year due to a continuing feud between two of my sisters, so it hasn’t felt the same. We didn’t even miss it on the year that Easter fell on my youngest sister’s birthday and my Dad was having surgery! I think my sisters did take their kids out and do something themselves. So it’s been a bit anticlimactic this year. Still, hopefully as the weather’s getting nicer, we will get out more, for barbecues etc. (I can’t believe that last year at Easter it was snowing here.)

It’s nice I seem to be treating this blog in part as I used to my Livejournal, for these disjointed entries on the not very exciting events of my life, haha.

Something else I’ve been considering lately is a fundraiser for lupus, probably Lupus UK. I was thinking that because Christmas 2015 marks my ten-year anniversary with the disease, by that point I would like to raise a certain amount of money, probably through an online page, which of course would rely more on promotion and the sharing of the link than anything else. I guess it just wouldn’t feel like I did a lot myself, but I can barely get out more than a couple times a week, and the funds would be the most important thing. 🙂 We’ll see. I’m investigating ideas that I could manage.

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