Phew, it’s been an active day today, but I feel pretty good about getting out. I had an appointment at the optician’s first of all; I saw a new optician today who was really nice! It wasn’t for the eyesight test, but to check my eyes because I’m taking hydroxychloroquine. Basically it’s looking at the back of the eye in particular for signs of retinopathy and damage to the macula. Last time the optician said I was borderline for Sjögren’s syndrome, but this time the new one said the previous one had written that I do have Sjögren’s in the notes. I’ll have to talk to the rheumatologist in June and see if it’s a set diagnosis for me. I do have diagnosis of Meibomian gland dysfunction but I guess I’ll see for Sjögren’s; anyway, the good news is that the tear strip test was better than last time, and my retina looks good. The dye test, to check tear drainage, wasn’t too bad either. She said that the sensation of my vision field suddenly shifting is probably due to the tear film suddenly breaking up, so it’s thankfully not a vision problem. The peripheral vision test was also good.

While I waited for my sister to finish work, I went to the barber for a haircut and then pottered around the bookstore for a bit. We were going to go to lunch but she bumped into a colleague and ended up chatting for over an hour! I didn’t mind though, as we went for lunch after, where Mum picked us up to go to the new bargain store in town. I used the trolley to lean, but still was very glad to get off my feet! Before I met up with my sister actually, I just popped into one of the stores I volunteer in, but I haven’t made it in barely at all since my surgeries last year as I’m prioritizing the other one at the moment. The manager was glad to hear from me and how I’m doing and I assured her that I do plan to get back at some point!

The weather’s getting very warm, and I think that’ll make it easier for me to get out and about more; although being in the sun is supposed to be bad for those with lupus, I fare so much better in summer than in winter, partly because of how painful my bones get in the cold and partly for mood. The bargain store is looking for workers, so I’m going to try to apply there for a checkout position, and the local council is also looking to fill various positions so both my sister and I are going to see about that; she currently works in retail and wants a less hectic job than the one she’s got, where she is rushing around all day in a department store. I would like to make a bit more money for the plans of getting back to Glasgow, but also to have a motivation to get out more and actually see some of the nice weather!

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