World Lupus Day – useful links

In order not to clog up the previous blog post even more, I decided to post some links separately if people are interested in reading more about lupus.

Wikipedia entry on SLE:
Lupus UK:
NHS page on lupus:
Lupus Foundation of America:

In addition, I want to include the Everyday Ableism website, where you can get awareness of the bad experiences and treatment that disabled people receive in general from others. It can help you realize when your behavior or speech is problematic and make improvements on it.

Otherwise, there are many many lupus blogs out there, and rather than linking some at the expense of others, I will simply say that they are easily found out there by Googling “lupus blog”.

Thank you!


About wolfennacht

I'm a 25 year old disabled polyglot who mainly spends time writing novels and poetry, teaching myself languages, and reading too much. I use a wheelchair. I am currently a grad student in biomedical science. I mainly blog about my physical and mental illnesses and procrastinate writing on my crochet blog!
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