What I’ve been up to

After I wrote the goals list and found I was writing a lot, I thought I’d just write a chatty post of what I’ve been up to recently!

Last week for Volunteers’ Week, one of the charity shops I worked in had a little craft day in a nearby town. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but because I’m not getting out much these days I’m jumping at the chances for days out as long as I’m spacing them apart from other things. I took my chair with me as I thought it’d be an outdoors craft-fair-type thing, and asked my sister to come along to push me, but actually I was sitting down the whole time anyway, as it was an indoors class with a teacher on crafting with old t-shirts. We all felt a bit silly, but actually it was pretty fun, and I will be doing some of the activities with my six-year-old niece, I think. We made keyrings, a ringed scarf, and a yarn ball for use on whatever projects you want; I finger crocheted the yarn ball and it actually works out quite interestingly! Maybe I should get pictures and put them on.

The Great Tidying Project is going slowly but steadily! We still keep saying if one person had my motivation and my sister’s physical strength, we’d have worked wonders by now! Alas, my health means not being able to really work tidying and organizing consistently, as many of you will understand all too well; with my sister being out of work at the moment as well, it’s harder for her to get motivated! But I’ve finally got all my crochet yarn in one place, my books all into (my clothes) drawers (or mostly; I still have some on shelves!). We’re hoping soon to go through all the files on our old desktop and get rid of it, and use the space for DVD shelves, as currently the DVDs, while in alphabetical order, are inconveniently stored in a cupboard in which we plan to put a new shelf. So you can see it’s a bit of breakout going on; to do task X, we have to move something out of space A, but to move things out of space A, we need to have done task Y and cleared out space B, and so on. But I really hope to have everything done so that I can enjoy a productive summer with new walls, curtains and carpet (we seriously haven’t decorated this place for about a decade!). Well, carpets are expensive, but at least new curtains and walls, and then we can get lots of photos on the walls. 🙂

I’m still working on transcription projects on Fiverr, which are interesting. The money works out as peanuts per hour, but it’s nice to have the extra money sitting in my account. At least I’m managing to earn something just now, and it feels good to help people out; plus the assignments are interesting!

As I mentioned I haven’t really worked much on my novel recently; it’s a combination of things, I think: I’m nearing the end (I stopped like this near the end of my first novel too, and I’m not sure why!) and I am sad about leaving these characters and this story behind. I also feel better to finish the current project when I have my plans for the next laid out more precisely, which I haven’t done yet, so perhaps if I work on that, it will speed things up! I’m not sure exactly which project I’m working on next; I might try working concurrently.

I have been doing most of my language work offline (or by translating lyrics) so I hadn’t contributed to my language blog for maybe half a year! So I got working on some lessons for that, which feels good! Even if it’s not to earn money, I feel a lot better stuck at home if I can work on things like this that have a visible output. I have also just recently got back into a quiz website I’m part of–you play all sorts of quizzes, games, tournaments, and write your own quizzes and questions which are approved by an editorial team. Writing educational quizzes can also feel like work, and in a good way–something with visible output that others can interact with.

I was going to write about health in here, but I might kick over to another post for that, because knowing me, it’ll go on forever even though I don’t feel like I’ve necessarily got a lot to say! Nothing major is coming up for me, but I’m going to volunteer at the other charity shop, the animal charity, on Tuesday, as now I’m alternating between the two to build up slowly, so I might post about that if anything noteworthy happens!

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