Goal review (8-14 June)

I kind of forgot to specifically look at this list during the week this time! (Hence the late entry, technically!) Hopefully I’ll get used again to accomplishing the goals here.

1. Tidy or organize something, anything! (My sister and I are still working on organizing our room; two 23-year-olds squeezed back into one bedroom with too much stuff makes it quite hard to organize around our things! Hopefully soon I’ll get all my things ready on my desk to work there again with the drawers organized too.)
Happily, I did do this, although technically it was yesterday, Sunday, so it didn’t really count for that week. 😛 It means I’m absolutely shattered and sore today, but we’re making progress. Soon we’ll get new curtains, and we’re hoping to put up a wall cupboard in the bedroom, a shelf inside the cupboard, and possibly another shelf on the wall. We plan to paint the walls fairly basic and put up photos and pictures, and as for a new carpet… Bit too expensive while we’re saving for postgraduate study!

2. Do some physio. (Because of my recent flare, everything’s pretty much been at a standstill. I’m going to volunteering for just 2 or so hours a week to build back up, and not doing my walks–least of all because I’ve been using the wheelchair a lot, so I’m not really able to do daily walks! In time, I’m going to build up a bit more indoors or in my garden so I can simply stop when I need to and not have to somehow make it home!)
I didn’t do any physio, unfortunately, but I’m hoping to make more explicit plans that are approachable through the week, along with my sister making her exercise plans so we can do it somewhat together.

3. Work more on the Animals 2 lessons on my language blog. (If anyone’s interested, it’s polyglotscot.wordpress.com.)
I did some of these. I’ve got quite a few to go, but they don’t take long. It’s collecting the vocabulary in the first place and the coding for the pages that takes long.

4. Work on my novel! (It’s been at a standstill for a bit–this seems to happen with each project. I think it’s a combination of not wanting to finish and not having things laid out enough for the next project.)
While my mum was working on the garden, I sat outside to watch my nephew and wrote a bit, which was nice.

5. Reach five translations on each of my X–>English. (I had this one already but haven’t done it yet; I’ve been too busy working on other combinations. I have left to reach 5: 1 Dutch, 3 Czech, and 1 Slovenian.)
I haven’t really worked on translating lyrics for a while, but rather on the books I’m translating.

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