Recent doc visit + busy week

From last night’s post, it possibly seems that I’m in a worse place than I am. I’m still absorbing the news, and it’s also hard when suddenly mental illness and suicide are thrown into the spotlight like this. I’m doing o.k. just now, feeling that I’m wobbling on top of the slippery slope; it might happen, it might not. So I wanted to give a general update on my physical health now.

Last week was pretty busy for me lately as my health’s worsened. I think I did three or four days in a row out. Monday the 4th was my nephew’s 2nd and my dad’s 52nd birthday, and we had a party in a room at a local pub with a bouncy castle for the kids. Although I didn’t do much physically, it’s quite striking how much a day out can take out of you! Even just using sticks to get around is so taxing. I managed to volunteer the next day too, which was great. I think it was a few days after that I finally snapped and tidied up my bedroom; my sister was changing to half-day shifts that week, but for some reason I just decided I couldn’t bear it any longer. Big mistake! I was soaked to the skin with sweat, popping painkillers, ooh, I felt it badly later. The day after or so I went grocery shopping, thinking because I’d be in the chair it wouldn’t be a big deal, right? Ohhh! Maybe one day I’ll finally learn! I used the store’s chairs, even though they’re not as uncomfortable, so that we’d actually have space in the car for the shopping instead of my own wheelchair. But even the walk with the sticks into the store… ouch! At least I made progress with the bedroom, right?! As I share with my twin, there really isn’t enough space for two people’s stuff, so we’re trying to organize everything, but it’s difficult as there’s just no space. Hopefully this means I can sort my desk out soon though and have a workspace again.

I can’t remember when I went to the doctor, but at least I got everything I needed sorted out. I got my pills changed over from co-codamol to dihydrocodeine, as I just feel the latter works better for me; I wasn’t positive whether it was to co-codamol causing the nausea, but I do tolerate dihydrocodeine better, I think, also it means I can still use the paracetamol as a baseline, even at times I don’t need the opiate dose. Fingers crossed it works out better anyway; the co-codamol wasn’t too much of an issue, though. I’m actually still finishing some of it that I have left. And, because taking opiates regularly and long-term slows the bowel, I got some laxative sachets just in case; recently, I had the worst, worst constipation I have ever endured–pain sweats, agony, thought I was going to faint, the lot! Luckily(?), because of my IBS, it’s not something I have to deal with too often as I usually have the opposite problem of diarrhea! But it’s nice to have the sachets ready just in case. I explained to him about my sinuses, and I’m trying a steroid spray for two months, and we’ll see how it works out. I can’t say I’ve noticed a dramatic difference, but my sinuses had been relatively calm around the time I started with the spray anyway.

Nothing much else to report! I’m getting on with transcribing, translating, reading and accumulating too many books. Very soon I have to start putting everything into motion to getting back into uni for my masters in 2015. And soon I also want to start again in earnest on a physio plan, something small enough that I can manage consistently.

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