New blog name/look! + Catch-up

As part of my resolutions for 2018, I intend to actually use this blog! I hope to use it as a kind of journal as well, and not pressure myself that every post has to be a big, important one with a take-away message. I tweet a lot of very long, rambling threads on Twitter, some of which are probably better done here, haha. I want to change the name because even though most of my posts will probably be about health and disability, my¬†conditions are more than just lupus! I’m currently stuck on a new name, but hopefully I will come up with something I like soon.

For a quick catch-up with where I’m at (I’ll write more in depth posts on most of these):

  • I graduated in November with my MSc in Biomedical science.
  • My bladder decided to completely pack in, so I’ve had a urethral catheter in since October. I’m still waiting for a date for a suprapubic cystostomy.
  • I am finally getting a pet cat!
  • This year I’m going to start my Weekly Mini Goals on here again, as a small incentive to get things done.
  • In general I’m trying to be more consistent with my (too many) hobbies. I’ve kept up with my languages and translation, maybe not as much as I’d like, mind you, but crochet, writing, music, drawing, painting, have all been neglected for so long. I’m also starting embroidery.

Those are the big things, anyway!

EDIT: And now I’m off to actually update the other pages on this blog, which are wildly out of date!

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