Goal review (14-20 January)

Honestly, I’m not having a great time with depression in particular so I haven’t been very active this week again.

  1. Repeat from last week: contact the cat shelter to start the process of adopting our cat. I didn’t contact the shelter yet but we made progress getting my room in a state for the kitty to come live.
  2. Work on organising the music files on my laptop. I did a tiny bit of this.
  3. Organise papers. I organised a lot of stuff actually! My sister did the physical work so we got through a lot. Now I just need to find spaces for things.
  4. Work on any translation. I did some Russian.
  5. Cut down the amount of clothes I have. We went through my shirts (again, my sister did the physical work!) and threw out a lot. I’d quite like to get my shirts down to one drawer and so I’ll see which ones I tend to wear and which ones not.

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