This week’s bite-size goals (21-27 January 2018)

It’s technically Monday here now but since I haven’t been to bed for Sunday night, I still count it as Sunday. 😛

  1. Write a blog post that isn’t goals or goal reviews!
  2. Work on a jigsaw. There are too many on the go at the moment and I’m getting rid of the desk they’re on in preparation for the cat.
  3. Do any arts (drawing, painting) or crafts (crochet, embroidery).
  4. Sort out the last of my books from my sister’s room.
  5. Take photos! I find I take virtually no photos any more which is sad. When I lived in another city during my undergrad in 2008-2012 I took pictures all the time. Now I don’t get out much to take any nature pics etc., but it’s always good to take good pictures with family for albums.

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