This week’s bite-sized goals (15-21 June)

A day late again! I don’t even want to think of goals right now, haha; I’m pretty sick with my throat and sinuses, but let’s not make excuses. 😀

1. Sort out the Christmas presents! *blush* Every year, my sister and I and friends down in Hastings end up sending Christmas presents to each other very late, but this is just ridiculous! Neither of us have sent to each other yet! It’ll be a nice half-year Christmas batch, haha.

2. Work on getting my stuff out of my little sister’s room. (She’s moved out, so we’ve kind of been using her room as a bit of a storeroom for a while.)

3. Work on anything artsy, whether my crochet, drawing, or watercolor.

4. Work on translation in any capacity, whether lyrics or the books.

5. Write up a list of what I want to talk about with the rheumatologist next week. Yes, this early, because I inevitably end up forgetting (or leaving it at home!) and then get out without mentioning something or other!

This week’s bite-size goals (8-14 June)

O.k., so it’s technically Monday the 9th by now, but I’ve been meaning with the past few Sundays to get back into writing up weekly goals, so here I am–it’s 2:25am, so I’m not toooo late with them!

1. Tidy or organize something, anything! (My sister and I are still working on organizing our room; two 23-year-olds squeezed back into one bedroom with too much stuff makes it quite hard to organize around our things! Hopefully soon I’ll get all my things ready on my desk to work there again with the drawers organized too.)

2. Do some physio. (Because of my recent flare, everything’s pretty much been at a standstill. I’m going to volunteering for just 2 or so hours a week to build back up, and not doing my walks–least of all because I’ve been using the wheelchair a lot, so I’m not really able to do daily walks! In time, I’m going to build up a bit more indoors or in my garden so I can simply stop when I need to and not have to somehow make it home!)

3. Work more on the Animals 2 lessons on my language blog. (If anyone’s interested, it’s

4. Work on my novel! (It’s been at a standstill for a bit–this seems to happen with each project. I think it’s a combination of not wanting to finish and not having things laid out enough for the next project.)

5. Reach five translations on each of my X–>English. (I had this one already but haven’t done it yet; I’ve been too busy working on other combinations. I have left to reach 5: 1 Dutch, 3 Czech, and 1 Slovenian.)

This week’s bite-size goals (27 April – 3 May)

1. A repeat from last week that I failed to do: sort through clothes and choose which to donate.

2. Work on coding the template for the “Family” lessons on my language blog.

3. Solve requests on to reach 100; I had 10 to go but as I did one today, I have 9 from the time of writing this post.

4. Translate my current little blurb text into more of my languages for practice in writing in them. (I’ve done German, Russian, Italian, and French for this one.)

5. Work on my novel.

This week’s bite-size goals (20-26 April)

1. Work on three separate translation projects.

2. Work on lyrics translations to bring X–>English up to at least 5 each. (Dutch: 2 remaining, Czech: 4; Slovenian: 3; Swedish: 2; Latin: 5. All other languages have more than 5 complete.)

3. Register for PIP! And also phone my doctor in Glasgow to rearrange an appointment that I missed, and so I can meet up with a friend! 🙂 (And cry when I see how much I miss living there!)

4. Work on music theory.

5. Sort through some clothes and donate those unwanted to make space.

This week’s bite-size goals (6 – 12 April)

1. Translate from/to a new combination of languages for lyrics. (Because I am learning so many languages, there is a possible 156 combinations! I’ve done at least one translation in 27 of them, though I don’t think I’ll be doing something like Finnish–>Slovenian any time soon!)

2. Work on my novel.

3. Write some entries to Lang 8 in my languages.

4. Work on gesture drawings on

5. Choose a recipe to try and buy in ingredients.

This week’s bite-size goals (30 March – 5 April)

1. Work on planning more explicitly for any of my forthcoming novel projects.

2. Transfer miscellaneous bags of yarn to the new box my sister bought me.

3. Work on finishing the Family vocabulary sheets for my folder.

4. Phone the library about a job opportunity (I need to confirm if it’s closed) and pick up an application for a local supermarket.

5. Work on any translation project.

This week’s bite-size goals (23-29 March)

1. Move laundry to other room for sorting.

2. Get back into taking pills regularly and keep weekly pill box filled. (I’ve been rather lazy about sorting my pills and so haven’t been taking each day’s pills for definite.)

3. Work on my novel.

4. Start on a new translation for a language I’m learning but I don’t have a project for (i.e. Latin, Slovenian). (My sister is still in the process of convincing me to start Ancient Greek! I’m learning 12 languages, plus I’m an absolute beginner in Japanese and haven’t done much at all for it, and I’m still tempted to add more!)

5. Work on a current crochet project (i.e. either the baby cardigan or the Granny squares for my niece’s Scooby Doo characters!)

This week’s bite-size goals (16-23 March)

1. Sort out my bookshelf of “permanent books” and put the unwanted ones in the donate pile; move the temporary books to this shelf, and replace temporary bookshelves with my yarn boxes.

2. Prepare one bag of laundry for the launderette.

3. Work on my novel.

4. Work on at least four of my translations.

5. Complete my core physiotherapy at least three days. (10 stretches)