This week’s bite-size goals (23-29 March)

1. Move laundry to other room for sorting.

2. Get back into taking pills regularly and keep weekly pill box filled. (I’ve been rather lazy about sorting my pills and so haven’t been taking each day’s pills for definite.)

3. Work on my novel.

4. Start on a new translation for a language I’m learning but I don’t have a project for (i.e. Latin, Slovenian). (My sister is still in the process of convincing me to start Ancient Greek! I’m learning 12 languages, plus I’m an absolute beginner in Japanese and haven’t done much at all for it, and I’m still tempted to add more!)

5. Work on a current crochet project (i.e. either the baby cardigan or the Granny squares for my niece’s Scooby Doo characters!)

2 thoughts on “This week’s bite-size goals (23-29 March)

    • Thank you! I thought by now after eight years with the disease I’d have learned to appreciate and stay within my limits more, alas I can also be very stubborn and ignore them, or demotivated enough with depression to stagnate. This seems to be the perfect balance of motivating myself each week but trying not to overdo it!

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