Mainly babbling!

I haven’t checked in for a while, not even to do my goal list for the week. No matter! I’ve been a bit all over the place health-wise, but I was happy to get out of the door today; alas, it was to the dentist for an extraction! So while my face comes back to life, I’m trying to resist keeping my tongue out of the gap. ๐Ÿ˜›

Nothing too much has been going on other than the general flare. My bald patches are getting worse accordingly; one is pretty massive by this point. I’m thankful that it doesn’t bother me any more, and I keep my hair quite close shaven usually, which keeps them visible; for most of my first year of uni, I had a hat pretty much glued to my head even in the chemistry lab! One day I just thought “Who cares?”, didn’t put it on, and never looked back! I know it’s a lot harder for people whose looks are more important to them; I’ve had people say I’m brave, they could never do it. To make a sweeping generalization, hair is more important to most women than to men, so I understand a woman in general might struggle more – but hey, even I did at first, and I don’t really care much for my appearance either way. It’s just hard to have visible symptoms whatever they are.

Something I’ll have to bring up to the rheumatologist next month is both my sinuses and the muscles in the back of my head. Long before I was diagnosed with lupus, I was on medication for spasms of the muscles in the back of my head. I notice particularly when I play with my nephew how much it flares up; I don’t know if it’s the bending down, because I can’t bend much! But it’s a very strange feeling, not really like muscle spasms elsewhere in the body. Combined with sinus headaches, it’s just very frustrating, especially as I get quite painful mastoids (the lumps of bone behind your ears). I have pain the upper teeth too because of the sinuses – right now it’s worse than my lower jaw, which had the tooth extracted today! I’ll just have to see what she says. My ears are a pain in the butt too with getting blocked up but that’s because I have anatomically irregular ear canals, apparently, so even syringing them can be a pain.

My fitness plan has rather gone out the window due to this flare up. Unfortunately my occupational therapist brought the next appointment forward nearly a month! So I see her on Monday and don’t have much to report. I’m hoping to ease back into the daily walking by going around my garden a bit rather than walking to the store; at least I can stop whenever I need to without having to wait until I get back home. Oh, how much easier would life be if it was a simple case of persevering and building fitness without any adverse effect! Alas, as it is, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, using the sticks all the time is putting so much pressure on my upper body joints, which aren’t exactly in a good state anyway. So it’s a catch-22 with getting out really.

On a similar note, my wheelchair arrived! It’s a self-propel travel chair, and I plan mainly to use it for big outings, particularly if my sister and I get on the small holiday we postponed a few months ago, just down somewhere in England. I used a store wheelchair last time I went to the supermarket, and ohhh, it was glorious. It made shopping so much easier–I don’t get to go often because getting around the store is just such a mammoth task, even with the trolley for support. For a while there was a mental block with using the chairs there, but I’m glad I did! My sister is thankful I can come more because I’m a notoriously fussy eater, and she finds it hard to shop for me when I’m not there, and we do prefer to be there in person to pick out products rather than get it delivered.

Otherwise, I’m just getting on with my usual stuff, mainly translating, and working on transcribing interviews for a client. It’s my older nephew’s thirteenth birthday today, so excuse me while I feel ancient with a teenage nephew! It’s hard to think that I was quite a bit younger than him when he was born! I plan to get to the Ancient Egypt exhibit this month in my local museum before it ends, and on the same note, I need to get round to getting my new tattoo, which is Ancient Egypt-themed (Mum was meant to pay for it for my graduation… I’m such a procrastinator in browsing tattooists in this town!) O.k., I’m logging off before I babble on even longer. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope everyone’s well.

(Oh, one last thing: I have a few people interested to do the Lupus UK fundraiser I mentioned a while back, so if I can get them to confirm participation, I guess I’ll be setting it up! :D)

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