This week’s bite-sized goals (15-21 June)

A day late again! I don’t even want to think of goals right now, haha; I’m pretty sick with my throat and sinuses, but let’s not make excuses. đŸ˜€

1. Sort out the Christmas presents! *blush* Every year, my sister and I and friends down in Hastings end up sending Christmas presents to each other very late, but this is just ridiculous! Neither of us have sent to each other yet! It’ll be a nice half-year Christmas batch, haha.

2. Work on getting my stuff out of my little sister’s room. (She’s moved out, so we’ve kind of been using her room as a bit of a storeroom for a while.)

3. Work on anything artsy, whether my crochet, drawing, or watercolor.

4. Work on translation in any capacity, whether lyrics or the books.

5. Write up a list of what I want to talk about with the rheumatologist next week. Yes, this early, because I inevitably end up forgetting (or leaving it at home!) and then get out without mentioning something or other!

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